6 Guides: Ongoing Church Fundraising


These 6 Funding Guides are to help with regular ongoing church fundraising. Whether its for a particular  project or for the on-going finances of the church, these 6 Guides provide further information on ideas and initiatives.

We advise that you read them as and when the individual guide is relevant to your project, however reading all 12 will provide a good overview of fundraising for a capital appeal.

Some of the Guides have  additional Tools to explore the subject matter further.


FG 13: Introduction to Church Fundraising

Fundraising is an ever increasingly important part of church life. Local fundraising programmes develop a deeper awareness and understanding of the church’s mission and help to build new networks and links with local residents.

Click here to download Funding Guide 13

FG 14: Gift Aid

Gift Aid is a generous scheme introduced by the Government to incentivise charitable donations, and can help to maximise donations at fundraising events.

You may wish to start by watching our short web clip ‘Introduction to Gift Aid & the GASDS 

Click here to download Funding Guide 14

FG 15: Receiving Web, Text & Mobile Donations

Enabling people to donate online can really increase the amount your church can raise for specific appeals and one off events.

Click here to view our guidance on Web, Text and Mobile Giving

FG 16: Holding a Fundraising Event

A fundraising event could take a variety of forms but must be cheerful and positive in atmosphere.

Click here to download Funding Guide 16

FG 17: Friends Scheme

With the increasing cost of repairing and maintaining our historic churches,
many parishes have established a Friends’ Scheme.

Click here to download Funding Guide 17

FG 18: Social Enterprise

A community enterprise is one owned by the community (be that community of place or community of interest) where as a social enterprise is one that could be owned by anyone.

Click here to download Funding Guide 18


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