Generosity and Mission

‘Giving for Life : Generosity and Mission’ offers two talks, which it is suggested are used on adjacent Sundays together with a leaflet containing five reflections for church members to reflect on during the intervening week. It helps church members reflect on God’s generosity to us, and how in being generous to others, we are also giving back to God.

The first talk has two key elements :

  •  God is the ultimate owner of everything – all that we have, and all that we are, comes from Him.
  • When we give to others we also give to God

The second talk looks at the central importance of generosity

  • Faith requires generosity – faith without works is dead
  • Love requires generosity – e.g. the Good Samaritan
  • Mission requires generosity – which can take many forms.

Downloads are available for the reflections leaflet (pdf), and the outline of the two talks. Packs of the leaflet can be ordered from this site.

The programme can be used alongside an invitation to church members to renew their pledges for regular giving. A Standing Order / pledge form to do this can be found here


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Giving for Life