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The Parish Resources, Church Legacy and Parish Buying websites are produced and maintained by the National Stewardship and Resources team.

Our Aims

Our aim is to support you in your stewardship. Whether you’re looking to raise money, give money, spend money or manage your money; it’s important to be good stewards.  It’s also important to be good stewards of our time and our skills, of the buildings we’re taking care of and of our participation in the mission that God has entrusted to us.

We seek to provide practical, useful resources and services that support you in your local church life.  Many of the people using this site will be from Church of England parishes, but we also know that others find the site useful – you’re most welcome to anything that you find helpful.

Meet the Team

L to R: Rob, Eleanor, Sue, Russell and John

The team is led by John Preston, National Stewardship & Resources Officer.  Prior to 2005, John had a variety of marketing roles. He lives in Shropshire, and travels around the country extensively, spending a day a week at Church House in Westminster.  John is first point of contact for issues relating to Stewardship and Gift Aid. Contact John.Preston@churchofengland.org

Eleanor Stead is the Church of England’s Legacy and Funding Officer.  Eleanor is our newest member, joining in November 2012 from an environmental charity. Based at Church House, Eleanor is also out and about around the dioceses. Eleanor is first point of contact for issues relating to Grant Making and Capital Funding projects, how to leave a legacy gift, and encouraging Legacy Giving. Contact Eleanor.Stead@churchofengland.org

Rob Kissick  and Russell Stables are our two National Procurement Officers, leading the Parish Buying initiative, which seeks to support parishes in the Church of England and the Church in Wales in their buying of a range of goods and services. Rob and Russell both live in Wales, but travel throughout England and Wales to a range of events. Contact Robert.Kissick@churchofengland.org and Russell.Stables@churchofengland.org

Nick Jenni is the latest member to join our team. As National Procurement Officer based at Church House, Westminster, Nick supports and complements the work of fellow team-members Rob Kissick and Russell Stables, with a particular focus on providing easy-to-use services to parishes, and developing access to training and services for larger projects and spending.  Nick brings extensive business, project and financial experience, both online and offline – as well as seven years as a parish treasurer in Clapham. Contact nicolas.jenni@churchofengland.org.

 Susan Hall is based at Church House, providing part-time administrative support to the team – keeping the wheels turning! Contact Susan.Hall@churchofengland.org



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