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Case Study: Talking about Legacy Giving in Church

From 10th – 16th September, Remember a Charity in your Will is raising awareness about the importance of gifts in wills and encourage you to consider how you can include a charity in your will, once family and friends have

Guidance on Receiving a Legacy

If a Parochial Church Council (PCC) is a named beneficiary in a will, the PCC are responsible for liaising with the Executor to administer the gift correctly, and ensure they use the funds for their charitable Christian Ecclesiastical purposes. We’ve

How to Encourage Legacy Giving

Many church members would like to know how they could leave a gift to the Church, although they might be reticent about asking. We’ve produced 4 Simple Steps your PCC can take to encourage legacy giving. Step 1: Request a free

Legacy Resources to Help You

There are a number of additional resources to help your parish with legacy giving. Please find a detailed (but not exhaustive) list below. Short Legacy Film for the PCC: A Lasting Difference  A short film explaining how gifts in wills

Christian Legacy Week is Here

Making a will is one of the most important decisions we will ever make. Yet will-making, and the opportunity to leave a gift to the church or a charity, is rarely discussed on Sundays. That’s why this Christian Legacy Week

Legacy & Funding Bulletins

Incase anyone has missed the latest bulletins or is unable to access them – I’ll upload them here – here they are!  Legacy Bulletins   November 2014 – click here to view April 2014 – click here to view Funding

A legacy really is something special

My name is Victoria James and I am the Stewardship Advisor for the Diocese of Portsmouth. I have a legal background and worked as a Solicitor for almost a decade.  I began my legal career specialising in Family Law as

Church Legacy: A lasting gift to your church

The Church of England has launched its new and improved Church Legacy website which offers quick and easy access to essential information for individuals considering leaving a gift in their Will to their local church. The website provides further information on

Developing a Legacy Policy

Most people will only leave a gift in their will if they think their church will use it for worthwhile projects, not simply to fund operating costs. A legacy policy allows the PCC to prepare and discuss how they would

Legacy Giving

Legacies are a lifeline for our parishes. Each year around 5,000 people leave a gift in their will to a Church of England parish. In total, parishes receive around £50 million in legacy gifts each year – gifts to finance