The PCC as a Charity – Resources to help you

PCCs are charities, and their members are Charity Trustees. In this section, we offer some resources to help PCCs and their members.

Compliance Checklistcompliancechecklist

Working with the legal and safeguarding teams, we’ve produced a handy Checklist to help you ensure you’re on top of most of the key aspects of good governance and compliance. Completing this could be done together as a PCC to build awareness of what is required, or led by one of the officers building input from others as necessary.


We have produced a short booklet and video clip to introduce PCC members to their roles and responsibilities as Charity Trustees. This can form a useful part of induction. See our Trusteeship page.

Forms for Electoral Rolls, APCMs and PCC Meetings

Click here for the forms you need to revise your electoral roll and run the parish’s annual parochial church meeting.

Click here for a monthly Parish Parochial Church meetings notice template. Please note the inclusion of the agenda on this document is optional.

Charity Registration

Those PCCs with annual incomes over £100,000 are required by law to register with the Charity Commission. Click here for full guidance on the process for registering your PCC if your income is above this threshold. For registered PCCs, we also offer guidance on when you should show your registered status, and the on-line process for submitting Annual Accounts and Returns. Registered charities will also need to report serious incidents to the Charity Commission.

Governing Documents

Click here to find out more about the documents which set out governance arrangements for PCCs.

Good Practice with Reserves & Restricted Funds

We have produced a “Good Practice” guide to developing Reserves Policies. There is also a guide to Restricted Funds, and how parishes can manage these effectively.

Risk Management

Click here to see guidance on managing risks – with checklists and examples.

Frequently Asked Questions

Click here to see our page of FAQs about PCCs as Charities.



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