Legacy Giving

Why Encourage Legacy Giving?

Legacies are a lifeline for our parishes. Each year around 5,000 people leave a gift in their wills to a Church of England parish. In total, parishes receive around £50 million in legacy gifts each year – gifts to finance mission projects, maintain beautiful church buildings and grow faithful communities.

For many people, leaving a gift in their will is a final opportunity to make a lasting gift to God. It is also a way to make a lasting difference to the future of their church and community.

The Church of England has launched a new short film entitled ‘A Lasting Difference’ explaining how gifts in wills can help to transform the lives of our local churches and communities.You can view A Lasting Difference short film by clicking here:


A Natural Part of Christian Giving

Christian Stewardship is simply how we manage the resources, wealth and possessions that have been entrusted to us. Gifts in wills are a natural part of this and are a way of giving thanks to God for the gifts of our lifetime. We are stewards of everything we own, not just our income. Many of us give regularly to the church each week or month; why not from our estates too?

Why Every Christian should have a Will

We are God’s stewards, entrusted to use His gifts for the good of our family and our church family. In thanksgiving, we should also take will writing seriously – setting God’s affairs in order, and stewarding them wisely to the end of our time on earth and beyond.

For nearly 500 years the Church of England has encouraged its members to keep their wills up to date. The Book of Common Prayer instructs clergy to remind those who are sick:

Every year thousands of people die without leaving a will. Making a will and updating it regularly is the only way to make sure your wishes are carried out after your death, giving you peace of mind that you can continue to support the family, friends and causes you love.

How to Encourage Legacy Giving in your Parish

Many church members would like to know how they could leave a gift to the Church, although they might be reticent about asking.

We’ve developed 4 Simple Steps to encouraging legacy giving in your parish – click here to find out more


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