Giving for Life

In July 2009, General Synod enthusiastically commended the ‘Giving for Life’ report. This was the first time it has held a significant debate on issues of giving and generosity since 2000.  General Synod’s resolution:

  • set giving within the context of discipleship and mission
  • encouraged church members to set the target of giving 5% of their income to and through the church, and a further 5% to other organizations that help build God’s kingdom
  • commended the initiative for prayerful discussion and action by parishes.

(click here for full details of Synod’s resolution)

Whilst Synod’s leadership in encouraging generous giving is vital, it is action at parish level that really makes a difference. As well as a brief Giving for Life clergy introduction, there are two primary resources for parishes:

  1. A guide for PCCs to review their strategy, adopt proven good practice, and identify priorities. (Find out more)
  2. Talks and accompanying leaflets that enable parishes to provide some teaching which seeks to develop holistically generous disciples:
    a.  The original Giving for Life congregational leaflet – now back in print. (Find out more)
    b.  Generosity and Mission (Find out more)
    c.  Living Generously (new for 2013: Find out more)

Giving for Life identified four key tasks for parishes to be confident that they are adopting good practice in encouraging giving and generosity. Click here to find out more about these. There are lots of downloads available to support this. As well as there being links from individual pages, all are available from the downloads page.

Reigniting Giving for Life 

Since the Giving for Life Report in 2009, over half a million PCCs and Church Congregations have engaged with the series, and in 2016 we’re building on this important work.

We’re asking for your help to complete a brief survey on giving in your church, so that we can understand what we can do to support and resource parishes in encouraging giving in your congregations.

It takes approximately four minutes to complete and as a special thank you, we would like to send you a free copy of our brand new booklet, which you can request at the end of the survey.

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