Encouraging Giving and Generosity

Encouraging giving in a parish can be feel daunting, but it need not be so.  Some simple tasks can set the right climate for people to review their giving and levels of generosity. When these are done well, a number of important objectives are achieved. Church members then :

  • connect their giving with their faith, seeing their giving as a response to the giving of a generous God.
  • understand that their giving enables mission and ministry, rather than simply paying the bills.
  • feel that they, and their gifts, are valued by the church

Giving for Life

In 2009, General Synod commended the Giving for Life guide to parishes for prayerful discussion and action. This outlined four key tasks to establish the right climate and context for giving within a church. Find out more.


There are a range of resources available to support parishes…..


Preaching and teaching effectively is key if church members are to set their giving (of money, time and more) in the context of their discipleship rather than the church’s financial need. Click here.

Giving for Life: There are a range of resources, talks and leaflets; all available for download.

A Short Guide to Encouraging Generous Giving: This short booklet provides an overview to good parish practice in nurturing generosity. Click here to find out more.

Reimagining the Offertory: A resource to help you review your practice with the offertory, with an aim to move from collection to offering, and to help generate a sense of joyful offering in response to God’s generosity to us. Click here. This includes some offertory prayershymns and songs, and some reflections on the benefits and disadvantages of passing a bag or plate during a service

Parish Giving Officers: It’s good practice to appoint someone to lead the work of nurturing giving in your parish. Find out more.

Nurturing Generosity amongst Young People is important. Young People Giving for Life is a resource developed in the Southwell and Nottingham Diocese, and Giving in Grace also contains some excellent material for young people.

Generosity at Christmas: a page of prayers and ideas for encouraging and sharing generosity at Christmas.

Giving Insight is an ecumenical project carried out in 2011 to explore what 1500 givers think about their giving; their habits and attitudes. The Giving Insight Report can be downloaded for free.



A Parish Funding Programme. This programme is a complete giving review. There is a full manual and downloadable templates. Click here.

A Simple Giving Programme is particularly suitable for smaller or rural/village churches. It includes templates and support resources. Click here.

Give 10 is a resource for parishes who want to teach tithing. It provides a pack with background information and biblical resources for leaders, sample magazine articles, FAQs and all-age resources. Click here.

TRIO (The Responsibility is Ours) is not currently available on-line, but binders can be ordered from the Southwark Diocesan office.

Giving in Grace. Developed and maintained by the Diocese of Liverpool, Giving in Grace offers on-line all of the resources for running a major program, or for an annual review.

Gift Day: Giving for the Glory of God is a guide to running a one-off Gift Day – either for a special project, or to seek funding for one-off needs. This can also be used to seek to meet an urgent financial need.


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